S Hawa Hersi Nur (born in Somalia)

Hawa Hersi Nur passed away April 10, 2013 at 5:45PM in Fairfax VA. She is the daughter of   Maka Elmi Sahal, and the  the  Widow of Haagi Dirie Hersi. She was born in Somalia and has lived in te USA for may years

She  was 98 years old and She is survived by 98 living descendants

7 children

29 grandchildren

61 great-grandchildren

1 great-great-granddaughter

Janaaza will be at Darul Hijra April 12, 2011 after Jumma and thereafter proceed to Stafford

Her grave is located at Section A Row 22 Spot 23



(Info Supplied by Al Firdous  Jinnaza Services & Family)

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