Mia Ebrahim Moosa Laher – 25 Nov 2007  Kempton Park

Mia Ebrahim Moosa Laher – 25 Nov 2007 Kempton Park


Mia Ebrahim Moosa Laher father of Ismail Laher (DC) passed away Nov 25, 2007 – 11 Dhul Qadah 1428

He was the husband to wife Fatima (April 7 1929- October 31, 2013), Sons Mohammed Hanif (March 1958)  Ismail (May 1960), Shabier Ahmed )(April 1964) and Abdul Aziz (May 1966) and Daughters Zainab (11-13 July 1967) Reyhana (Jan13-21 1969) Aasiya (Jan 1953) Hawa Bibi (May 1955), Hajira (May 1956) and Aziza and their children and other relatives.

family siblings – late Fakir (Azadaville), Muhammad (Springs) , Ebrahim (Kempton) , Yusuf (Lenz) AbdulHai (Bedfordview) and sisters Hawa (Krugersdorp) Aamina (Springs) ) Ayesha (Befordview) and Bibi (living) .

We humbly ask Allah SWT through our prayers to make it easy for all of the family to accept this loss and remain strong  and united in all the good that they do.

We also humbly request Allah SWT to accept our prayers for forgiveness for whatever transgressions that the deceased may have committed during his life.

We ask that he be rewarded for all good deeds with a good station in Jannah

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