Useful Funeral Prayers…

Please PRAY for the deceased & try to attend the funeral prayer and the burial (if timely and possible).
Please try to use this notice to REMIND yourself of this inevitable moment for each of us.
PLEASE 1) ask for forgiveness on behalf of the deceased; 2) ask for  a good station in Heaven for the deceased; 3)ask for patience, mercy & blessings the family at this difficult time, 4) & ask 4 more.

5) Please inquire DISCREETLY & ONLY IF APPLICABLE try to assist with the funeral costs, debts & obligations now on the family PLEASE BE VERY SENSITIVE


Inna lillaahi wa innaa ilaihi raajoon
To Allah we belong and to Him is our return.
(Q 2.156)
Everyone shall taste death
(Q 3:185)
Allahummaghfir li hay-yina wa mayyatina

O Allah! Pardon our living and our dead

wa shahidina wa ghaibina

the present and the absent

wa saghirina wa kabi-rina

the young and the old

wa zakarina wa unthana;

the males and the females

Allahumma man ahyaitahu minna fa-ahyihee alal Islam

O Allah! to whom Thou given life, cause him to live in the observation of Islam

wa man tawaffaitahu minna fatawaffahu alal Iman

and to whom Thou given death, cause him to die in the state of Iman

Aameen Let it be so
Allah humma anta rab-buha

wa-anta Khalaqtaha, wa anta Razaqtaha

You have created it

and You are its Lord

wa anta hadaytaha lil islam

Oh Allah, and You have guided it towards Islam

wa anta qabadta ruhaha

and You have taken out his soul

wa anta alamu bisir-riha wa ala niyyatiha

and You know best about its secret and open deeds.

jinaa shufaa, faghfir lahu Zan bahu

We have come as intercessors, so forgive him


Please encourage others to join this list all of us will benefit from our combined prayers INSHA ALLAH

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