Hameed Naz husband of Mrs. Safia Naz

Dear Community,

It is with immense sadness and a heavy heart we send this message of the passing of Dr. Hameed Naz of Potomac, MD, husband of Mrs. Safia Naz and father of Dr. Naveed Naz. He passed away early Tuesday morning.

May Allah(swt) shower his mercy on Dr. Hameed Naz and Grant him the highest level in Jannat ul Firdous – Ameen. May Allah(swt) Grant sabr to the Family to bear this loss – Ameen.

InshaAllah, the Janazah prayer was performed at Muslim Community Center (MCC), 15200 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20905 (301-384-3454), November 27th, 2013 after Zhuhr prayers at 1:45pm. He was buried in George Washington Cemetery 9500 Riggs Road, Adelphi MD (301-434-4640) around 2:30 PM, in Shaa Allah.

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