Matin Chida (Halaco)

AsSalaamualaikum WaRahmatullahi WaBarakatahu,

Inalillahi wa Inaillahi Rajeon

 To Allah(swt) we belong and to Allah(swt) we return.

 Br. Mateen Chida, owner of Halal Co in Falls Church, VA passed away Friday October 2013. – 5 Dhul Hijja 1434

 May Allah(swt) shower his mercy on Br. Mateen and Grant him highest level in Jannat ul Firdous – Ameen.

 May Allah(swt) Grant sabr to the Family to bear this loss – Ameen.

Th  Janazah prayer was performed at ADAMS Main Center (46903 Sugarland Road, Sterling, VA 20164. Tel. 703 433 1325) on Saturday, October 12, 2013
after Dhur prayer (1:30 p.m.) and burial took place at National Memorial Park, 7482 Lee Highway, Falls Church, VA 22042. Tel. 703 560 4400.

The funeral for the owner of Halalco in Falls Church, VA, Mohammad Abdul Mateen Chida took place Sat Oct 13, 2013



Farooq Syed
President, All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS)

post from Jannaza786

The prayer areas at Adams was packed to capacity for his Janaaza prayer.  This is a testament to Br Matin’s good life.

May he be rewarded for every one of his good actions many times over. We ask that he be forgive for any of his transgressions.

We ask Allah that he be placed in Jannah at a befitting station worthy of all his good deeds.

We ask that he remain a an inspiration to each one of us so that we can also be inspired to do good deeds.

Br Matin was known for his kindness, wisdom, foresight, generosity and much more

We ( are trying to chronicle some of his many good deeds on to a webpage for posterity and as an inspiration to others

Please help in this effort by visiting and sharing with us a positive incident that you hadwith him or know of regarding him



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