S Abida Iqbal, wife of Mohmmed Iqbal

“Truly, we are from Allah, and to Him we shall return”

It is with great sadness and heavy heart that we inform you of the passing of Sr. Abidah, the wife of Dr. Mohammed Iqbal, who passed away 6/1/2013 in a car accident. Also in the car were Dr. Iqbal’s daughter, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law, who are in shock trauma. 

Please continue to make dua’ for their full and speedy recovery.

Please remember Sr. Abidah in your dua’. We ask Allah (SWT) to shower her with His mercy, compassion and forgiveness, and to grant her the highest ranks in paradise, and give her family support and patience during these difficult times.

Janaza prayer for sister Abida Iqbal was held on Sunday June 2nd 2013 after duhr praye at Dar Al Taqwa. 

Burial services was at  Columbia Memorial on Route 108

 Please continue to remember the family in your dua’ during these times.

Both Sr. Abidah’s mother and sister have been released from shock trauma.  Her daughter is still in shock trauma.  Please continue to make dua’ for her full recovery.

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