Mohammed Ebrahim Laher    (Manjra) 30 June 1999 Melbourne

Mohammed Ebrahim Laher (Manjra) 30 June 1999 Melbourne

Today June 30, 2020 marks the 21st anniversary of the departure of our beloved papa soul to join eternally with Allah.

He picked up the kids from school. He laid down and after asking for some water never woke up again. It was peaceful, quiet and serene– no fuss with just the kids that’s how he would have wanted to go.

The kids tried in vain and desperately administered mouth to mouth and chest massage. All in vain as his fate was sealed.

He was a loving and doting father grandpa and above all my best friend.

Loving husband of his first and only love Hawa. Married for 60 years.

He was loved and respected by the whole community. He was their friend and confidant always happy to see them. Jovial in nature, always sporting the best smile, playful, teary green eyes, always in his champals tottering around in the garden with a rake and broom (we had to hide the scissors). Drank strong black coffee and water all day long. Loved reading his Quran and literature- his own private universe. He was an avid sports follower. Watched everything. I got the latest world scores at breakfast every day.

He loved life and everything about and in it but he never let the world become part of him. His affairs and possessions like his life was unmistakably simply and uncomplicated. He left me a farewell letter, $4.60 and some lollies at the bedside for that was all he had.

Born on 20 July 1920 in Jeppe his journey ended at 3.40pm on Wednesday 30 June 1999.

He was a giant and a legend in every respect. He made us and guided us. He was our papa. Miss him dearly everyday.

Allah grant papa and all marhoom the highest stages of Jannatul Firdous Ameen

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