Final Bequest – A Plea From The Grave of a deceased Parent – My Dear Child, You will be reading this after my death.

Final Bequest – A Plea From The Grave of a deceased Parent

My Dear Child,

You will be reading this after my death.

Please read the following as though I am addressing you from my Qabr. I may now be lying within a space of approximately two meters by one meter. All around me is sand except for the pieces of wood above supporting the load of sand. That too is weakening and the entire load of sand may soon fall directly on me.

Be assured that I loved you. My heart and soul was concentrated on you from the time Allah Ta’ala granted you to me. Your beautiful and innocent smile reminded me of Allah Ta’ala’s beauty. Your cry caused me immense pain and I went out of my way to comfort you.

As you grew and attended Madrasah to learn the name of Allah Ta’ala, the Qur’an and how to perform Salah, you represented an investment to me far greater than any other worldly investment I may have left behind.

You would make Duas and seek forgiveness on my behalf when I would be unable to do so.

My dear child, that day has come. You are on the face of the earth and I may be lying paralysed in its belly. How true is the Hadith of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam that a person in a grave is like a drowning person. He awaits the rewards from his beloved.

Dear child, I cannot utter a single Subhaanallah.

You are my flesh and blood. I love you and if you really love me, I implore you to do the following five things:

1. Be obedient to Allah Ta’ala, that is the greatest reward for you. I am informed of whatever you do, your good deeds please me and your bad deeds cause me pain.

2. Dear child, I know the pain of my death and my absence will gradually decrease and you will carry on with your life. Don’t let engagement of the world make you oblivious of death. Think of me regularly and know that your day will come soon. Do remember death and do prepare for it, send Surah Yaseen every day for me. I will look forward to receiving it.

3. If you can, give some Sadaqah and charity to the poor and needy on my behalf. Allah Ta’ala gave you wealth. If you really love me, give Sadaqah on my behalf.

4. I am lonely in the Qabr. Come and visit me and make Salaam to me. You may not see me or hear me, but Insha’Allah I may see you and hear you. Your standing beside me and making Dua at my Qabr will invoke Allah Ta’ala’s mercy on both of us.

5. Remember, we are from Allah Ta’ala and to Allah Ta’ala is our return. We are merely travellers for a brief moment but our actions here will determine our future for ever.

Dear child, exercise patience. We will meet in the Aakhirah Insha’Allah. For that, guard yourself against Shaytaan and his tricks and ensure you live with Imaan and die with Imaan.


note from Mufti Ebrahim Desai (Hafidhahullah)…

This is a Beautiful nasiha. Please take heed.

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