do it yourself funeral more of an option – National Home Funeral Alliance

from the Huffington post




“There are people who get it and think it’s a great idea. And there are people who have been so indoctrinated to think a different way, a less hands-on way, that they can’t imagine anything else,” says Elizabeth Knox, the founder of Crossings, a Maryland-based home funeral resource organization, and the president of the National Home Funeral Alliance.

Knox travels across the nation to run trainings on do-it-yourself funerals and her book on her daughter’s home funeral is what inspired the Kirks to do their own.

Her group is one of several that have seen interest grow in recent years. They include Final Passages (California), Natural Transitions (Colorado) and Undertaken with Love (Texas). There are 61 organizations that are members of the NHFA, many of which are run by just one person.

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