S Yasmin Bader (age 37)

S Yasmin Bader (age 37)

S Yasmin Bader passed away last night. She was 37 and had breast cancer for over 3 years .


She is survived by her husband Bader (Muhammad Bader Cheema)  and young children Affan, Simul and Eshal.   Bader is the first cousin of our Dr Khalid. Bader’s brother led one of the prayers on Eid Day. their extended family are here from Pakistan, Canada, LA and more


Funeral prayers were held on Fridays Nov 6 at ShirleyGate Masjid (www.icnvt.com)

There after the  burial was at Stafford Cemetery

We humbly ask Allah SWT through our prayers to make it easy for all of the family to accept this loss and remain strong and united in all the good that they do.


We also humbly request Allah SWT to accept our prayers for forgiveness for whatever transgressions that the deceased may have committed during their life.

We ask that the deceased be rewarded for all good their deeds with a good station in Jannah



you may remember Bader from this pic (not very recent)

Bader pic


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