Ekram Javed (EJ) Miller 5/10/19  4th day of Ramadan

Ekram Javed (EJ) Miller 5/10/19 4th day of Ramadan


Ekram or EJ as he was known’s Funeral or Janaaza prayer was after Friday Prayer or Jumma (5/11/19) at Shirley Gate Mosque or Masjid . His final resting place is at the Parkview Memorial IN Rockville MD next to his son Kevin Reza who passed before him.

Ekram Javad (“EJ”) Miller who lived in Rockville, Maryland, died peacefully in his sleep on May 8, 2019. He was 88.

EJ was born in Tehran, Iran, on January 2, 1931. He traveled the world and touched many lives;

EJ had a great talent for finding something in common with everyone he met.

EJ also traveled to Mecca for several Hajj pilgrimages.

Mr. Miller is survived by Alieh Miller, his three daughters, Susan, Roya (Farid), and Roxana (John), and his grandchildren, Elizabeth, Farshid, Mahtab, Amanda and Natalie. His son, Kevin Reza Miller, preceded him in death.

The family want to acknowledge Nasser at alfridous funeral home who went out of their way and took care of all he funeral service arrangements as well Shirley gate Rd Mosque (where we had the prayer service) who made this moment of grief an hour of enlightenment

We ask God (Most Gracious Most Merciful) aka Allah (SWT) to shower the deceased with GOD’s mercy, compassion and forgiveness, and to grant the deceased the highest ranks in paradise, and give the surviving family support and patience during these difficult times.

“O God aka Allah, pardon our living and our dead, forgive our present and our absent, forgive our young and our old, and forgive our men and women, O God or Allah, for those of us whom you keep alive, Please keep them alive in the faith of Submission or Islam and for those from amongst us whom you cause to die, please let them die in Faith”(Tirmidhi, Vol 1, Page 121

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