S Sameena Salvucci Khan

Sameena Salvucci Khan of Springfield, Virginia mother of Kazim and Layla passed away the morning of Wednesday February 5, 2014 after battling breast cancer for the past seven years. This is also 4 Rabi-ul-Akhir 1435

She was the wife to Doug, she is survived by her brother Kamran, Sister Shaheen Dearest Mother and Sohail, Sahar and many other relatives family and friends.

She has PHd in Mathermatics . She was also the founder of the Al-Basheer Sunday School in Burke VA. She was also the principal of the Sunday School at ICNVT until she became really sick. She continue to teach almost to her last day.

We humbly ask Allah/GOD SWT (Subhaa na hoo wa ta aalaa – May GOD be Glorified and Exalted) through our prayers to make it easy for all of the family to accept this loss and remain strong and united in all the good that they do.

We also humbly request Allah/GOD SWT to accept our prayers for forgiveness for whatever transgressions that the deceased may have committed during their life.

We ask that the deceased be rewarded for all good their deeds with a good station in Jannah/Heavan

Condolences can be sent c/o laherismail at gmail

Any questions please call LaherJi

Donations to your or her favorites charity in lieu of flowers are requested.

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