S Kurshid Chowdhry 2/22/2018

S Kurshid Chowdhry 2/22/2018

The Janaaza prayer for Dr Arshad Cheema’s mother in law will Insha Allah be on 2/22/2018 at 1pm at DarulHuda in Springfield VA

(Sister Khurshid Chowdhry is the mother of Dr Yasmin Cheema and the mother in law of Dr Arshad Cheema).

The Quran Khwani will be Saturday at 1pm at Adams Center Sterling

We humbly request Allah SWT through our prayers to accede to our request and make it easy for all of the family to accept this loss and remain strong and united in all the good that they do.

We also humbly request Allah SWT to accept our prayers for forgiveness for the deceased for whatever transgressions that the deceased may have committed during their life.

We ask that the deceased be rewarded for all good their deeds with a good station in Jannah

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