Ramadan Passings 2018 – Mohammad Khalid – 5/31/2018

Ramadan Passings 2018 – Mohammad Khalid – 5/31/2018

It is with great sadness and very heavy heart we announce the passing of Br. Mohammad Khalid, husband of Sr. Fakhira Khalid and a loving father of Sr. Amara, Sr. Momil, Br. Sami and grandfather of Inaya and Mir.

Janazah prayer –  Friday June 1st, after 2nd Jum’a (12:45) at ADAMS Center – 46903 Sugarland Road, Sterling.

Burial Service – Sterling Cemetery


Uncle Khalid is loved by an incredible amount of people because he was a kind soul, who in life and in illness could not see people in pain or suffering. He loved openly and fully. He is leaving behind an incredible hole in this world and he will be missed.

Khalid uncle, may Allah (SWT) – الله سبحانه و طائلة light up your way back to Him. May He unburden and bless and forgive you of any worldly pain, grievances and mistakes. May He show you the utmost mercy and make you among the chosen InshaAllah that passes all His tests on judgment day and enters Jannat-Ul-Firdous!  Ameen.  Kindest Regards, Komal

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